Features Overview

We know the goals of every development group include delivering higher quality applications, faster and at a lower cost. But testing efforts for the new features your users demand can have a major impact on your timeline and your project budget.  Test automation is an essential piece of resolving this problem. And because we work with your existing tools we can have your automation running quickly at minimal costs.


Better Application Delivery

Our automated testing framework is designed to make your development organization shine. We can test any type of code on any standard OS.  All without a long timeline for implementation and with no costly fees for product licensing.  In fact, our process is so streamlined that you can start writing your test cases week 1 and begin seeing real results in week 2. How many other IT investments can start improving your code quality and delivery timelines so quickly?


Getting started

Every engagement starts with a conversation. It is a chance for you to meet our QA experts and help them understand your needs.  We want to know how your development team works today.  What languages do they use? What servers and operating systems are involved?  How do you manage testing today?  These answers will help guide our team's implementation recommendations.  In most cases we can configure our Framework to start working with your existing environment in just a few days.  This means you team can get down to business and start writing and running tests.

Long Term Support

We know that adjusting to a new system can have some growing pains.  Our team goes out of its way to make sure you feel comfortable using the framework from day one.  But if you do have questions we are always here to help.  We provide customer support any time you need it. We aren't just there to offer a product.  We want to offer a partnership and be there to help you as your needs and technology changes. 


Automated Testing Across All Your Platforms

We know your customers expect your applications to work on any device, inside any browser and under almost every condition.  Our Automated Testing Framework is designed to help you meet those expectations.


Automated Mobile Application Testing

Our test framework can test native mobile applications as well as web-based applications that viewers might access from a mobile browser.  We support testing for both IOS and Android devices through either actual device use or mobile emulation.

Web-Based Application  Testing

We support testing applications is almost every OS and browser combination possible.  Our framework works with both standard or responsive web pages.  Testing on Windows is done in IE, Edge, Firefox and Chrome.  On Macs we supporting testing in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  For Linux systems we support FireFox and Chrome testing.


Automated Testing of ERP, CRM and In-House Systems

ERP and CRM systems are a major investment for most companies. Using our test automation suite allows you to test your integrations with these systems and get the most value from your development and implementation dollars. We can test systems like SAP, Salesforce, Sugar, Microsoft CRM and even those in-house systems your development teams have created. In fact, we can test almost any code-based application.  This includes web-service and API testing, Internationalization and even desktop applications. (You remember those, right?)


 Our test framework will let you  team run more tests in a shorter time frame than ever before.  But keeping you informed about test progress and results is simple.  We provide a wide range of test tracking options ranging from traditional HTML and Email reports, to integrated progress tracking with our own  Business Intelligence suite.  You can even receive SMS alerts letting you know when tests launch and complete. Heck, we even let you trigger testing launch from SMS is you want.



We know you've made significant investments of both time and money in the tools you are using today.  That is why we've designed our test automation framework to integrate with almost any tool out there.  In fact, we help you maximize those investments by integrating with your current build, test planning and defect tracking tools.


Continuous Integration and Test Automation

Your continuous integration solution is critical to keeping your development teams working efficiently. With our framework you can keep on using TeamCityJenkins and Bamboo for your continuous build and unit testing needs. We can plug right into those systems and others.


Automated Defect Creation 

There is no reason to abandon your current defect tracking solution. Our testing framework can easily create bugs in your existing tools. Then your teams can keep working them just like they would if your own testers had found and reported them. Our most popular integrations are with JIRA, Mantis Bug Tracker and BugZilla.  


Test Case Management Systems

If your team is currently using a system to manage test cases then you won't need to make any changes.  We integrate with populate Test Case Management Systems including Quality Center (QC), TestLink, QTest and TestRail. We also integrate with the Cucumber Collaboration Framework.  So if you team is used to writing test cases in everyday language they can keep on doing that.



Databases are a key part of your infrastructure.  So of course we integrate with most of them. You can test your database code, and you can even designate a database to load test data from during automation.  We integrate with OracleMicrosoft SQL Server, mongoDBMySql and PostgreSQL. We also support loading test data from CSVExcel and XML files. 


Test Environments

Managing test environments can be expensive and time consuming.  If you have already invested in an advanced testing environment and lab you can continue to use it.  But our test automation suite also supports cloud-based test environments like SauceLabs, MobileLabsTestingBot, Perfecto and BrowserStack. If you subscribe to either service it will work great with our automated testing framework. We also offer our own GridServer to distributed testing




Transparency and Communication is critical to our testing framework.  You can receive updates on the status of your test automations in a variety of ways including Slack, HipChat, Microsoft Teams, Email and even SMS Message. We also give you the option of creating a video recording and logging every step of test execution.