Features Overview

We know the goals of every development group include delivering higher quality applications, faster and at a lower cost. But testing efforts for the new features your users demand can have a major impact on your timeline and your project budget.  Test automation is an essential piece of resolving this problem. And because we work with your existing tools we can have your automation running quickly at minimal costs.


Better Application Delivery

Our automated testing framework is designed to make your development organization shine. We can test any type of code on any standard OS.  All without a long timeline for implementation and with no costly fees for product licensing.  In fact, our process is so streamlined that you can start writing your test cases week 1 and begin seeing real results in week 2. How many other IT investments can start improving your code quality and delivery timelines so quickly?


Getting started

Every engagement starts with a conversation. It is a chance for you to meet our QA experts and help them understand your needs.  We want to know how your development team works today.  What languages do they use? What servers and operating systems are involved?  How do you manage testing today?  These answers will help guide our team's implementation recommendations.  In most cases we can configure our Framework to start working with your existing environment in just a few days.  This means you team can get down to business and start writing and running tests.

Long Term Support

We know that adjusting to a new system can have some growing pains.  Our team goes out of its way to make sure you feel comfortable using the framework from day one.  But if you do have questions we are always here to help.  We provide customer support any time you need it. We aren't just there to offer a product.  We want to offer a partnership and be there to help you as your needs and technology changes.