Expert Guidance for Your Cloud Migration

Migrating your existing infrastructure to the cloud can bring great benefit for your business.  But making sure your migration goes smoothly is critical to maintaining business as usual at your company. 


Our Cloud Migration Planning Process

Znalytics' Cloud Services Team begins each migration engagement by working closely with IT team to get a comprehensive picture of your current infrastructure. We want to understand the technologies you  are currently using and the audience they serve.  We will use this knowledge to craft a plan to meet your needs, including:

  • What applications are best suited for a Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) Migration
  • The best hosting solutions based on technical demands and geographic desirability
  • Best practices for managing connectivity, scalability, security, audit and deployments
  • Ideal process and timing for actual migration of your applications and their data

Making the Migration to the CLoud

After you've accepted our plan, the real work of migration begins.  Our teams will work closely throughout the process to configure, test and deploy your applications. We'll be there to make sure your cloud orchestration goes smoothly.  We can even provide long-term assistance with your infrastructure needs like cloud-management and performance testing.  Learn more.