Cloud Architecture

Our team of cloud experts can help optimize and manage your entire cloud infrastructure for improved IT delivery and performance. 


Cloud design and implementation

Znalytics works closely with your business to ensure maximum results from your cloud implementation. Our team will:

  • Discover and analyze your entire IT infrastructure, both onsite and cloud assets.
  • Create a customized implementation plan.
  • Design and recommend product changes and underlying infrastructure.
  •  Build a custom process workflow and supporting documentation for ongoing maintenance or hand-off.

Cloud management

Znalytics supports a variety of cloud-based platforms, with deep expertise in AWS and Microsoft Azure. 


  • End to end cloud infrastructure and hybrid solutions
  • Business and IT process streamlining.
  • Automated provisioning of cloud resources.
  • Seamless and interruption free scalability.
  • Configuration management using Chef, DSC, Puppet and others.
  • Security and access management.
  • Turnkey monitoring and alerting.

Modernized infrastructure

Our philosophy is simple. Infrastructure should be reliable, repeatable and simple to deploy. Our team can codify your infrastructure to accomplish all of these things.

  • Infrastructure as code using existing software delivery pipeline(s).
  • Accelerate Dev and Ops team collaboration.
  • On-demand scaling for applications and services.
  • Rapid integration implementation for faster POC and testing.
  • Version control for infrastructure.
  • Completely modular pipelines tailored to fit both business and IT needs.