We know you've made significant investments of both time and money in the tools you are using today.  That is why we've designed our test automation framework to integrate with almost any tool out there.  In fact, we help you maximize those investments by integrating with your current build, test planning and defect tracking tools.


Continuous Integration and Test Automation

Your continuous integration solution is critical to keeping your development teams working efficiently. With our framework you can keep on using Team CityJenkins and Bamboo for your continuous build and unit testing needs. We can plug right into those systems and others.


Automated Defect Creation 

There is no reason to abandon your current defect tracking solution. Our testing framework can easily create bugs in your existing tools. Then your teams can keep working them just like they would if your own testers had found and reported them. Our most popular integrations are with JIRA, mantis Bug Tracker and BugZilla.  


Test Case Management Systems

If your team is currently using a system to manage test cases then you won't need to make any changes.  We integrate with populate Test Case Management Systems including Quality Center (QC), TestLink and TestRail. We also integrate with the Cucumber Collaboration Framework.  So if you team is used to writing test cases in everyday language they can keep on doing that.



Databases are a key part of your infrastructure.  So of course we integrate with most of them. You can test your database code, and you can even designate a database to load test data from during automation.  We integrate with OracleMicrosoft SQL ServerMySql and PostgreSQL. We also support loading test data from CSVExcel and XML files. 


Test Environments

Managing test environments can be expensive and time consuming.  If you have already invested in an advanced testing environment and lab you can continue to use it.  But our test automation suite also supports cloud-based test environments like SauceLabs and BrowserStack. If you subscribe to either service it will work great with our automated testing framework. We also offer our own GridServer to distributed testing