Automated Testing Across All Your Platforms

We know your customers expect your applications to work on any device, inside any browser and under almost every condition.  Our Automated Testing Framework is designed to help you meet those expectations.


Automated Mobile Application Testing

Our test framework can test native mobile applications as well as web-based applications that viewers might access from a mobile browser.  We support testing for both IOS and Android devices through either actual device use or mobile emulation.

Web-Based Application  Testing

We support testing applications is almost every OS and browser combination possible.  Our framework works with both standard or responsive web pages.  Testing on Windows is done in IE, Edge, Firefox and Chrome.  On Macs we supporting testing in Chrome, Firefox and Safari.  For Linux systems we support FireFox and Chrome testing.


Automated Testing of ERP, CRM and In-House Systems

ERP and CRM systems are a major investment for most companies. Using our test automation suite allows you tp test your integrations with these systems and get the most value from your development and implementation dollars. We can test systems like SAP, Salesforce, Sugar, Microsoft CRM and even those in-house systems your development teams have created. In fact, we can test almost any code-based application.  This includes web-service and API testing, Internationalization and even desktop applications. (You remember those, right?)


 Our test framework will let you  team run more tests in a shorter time frame than ever before.  But keeping you informed about test progress and results is simple.  We provide a wide range of test tracking options ranging from traditional HTML and Email reports, to integrated progress tracking with our own  Business Intelligence suite.  You can even receive SMS alerts letting you know when tests launch and complete. Heck, we even let you trigger testing launch from SMS is you want.