What is the Automated Testing Dashboard?

•        The Znalytics Automated Testing Dashboard, is an automation framework built on the Selenium platform. With our Dashboard, comes relevant training and dedicated 24/7 support. 

•        Compatible with all industry verticals, the Automated Testing Dashboard is lightning fast, and enables real-time monitoring of your test data, while seamlessly integrating itself with all your pre-existing tools, platforms and programming languages.

•        The Znalytics Automated Testing Dashboard is both a cost and time effective solution, saving up to 60% of your organizational time spent on testing.

•        It also features an Intelligent Dashboard and real-time E-mail reporting system.

•        Other key services include an Accelerated Test SDLC and a High ROI.

•        See measurable results in as little as 2 weeks!


The Automated Testing Dashboard – The Market At Your Fingertips

•        The Znalytics Automated Testing Dashboard comes with a simple and intuitive Dashboard interface that enables you to view and monitor all tests in real-time, and what’s more, you can choose exactly what you want to see.

•        The Automated Testing Dashboard’s customizable filters can be configured to narrow your results down to even the minutest of details thus enabling you to create complex parameters for your filters so you can view precisely the data you want to see.


Level 1

dashboard 1 - Copy.png

•        The Level 1 dashboard is a visual and diagrammatic overview of the entire Test Automation Report - at an organizational level.

•        This view is ideal for members of the higher management (Directors, CEOs, etc.), especially when they need a quick comprehensive glance of the entire process, so as to take quick decisions based on live data.


Level 2

•        The Level 2 dashboard allows you to go deeper into the Test Automation Report data and involves more specific filters to choose from.

•        The second view is useful for members of the mid level management, as they monitor detailed aspects of test execution on a periodic basis (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) and can also see the progress of test cases on a daily basis in far greater depth than on the previous page.


Level 3

dashboard 3 - Copy.png

•        The Level 3 Dashboard is the most detailed and deep dive Test Automation Report. It can be customized as desired and tailor-made for your needs.

•        Ideal for all levels, this page is handy for the meticulous identification and examination of particular tests, and case-specific optimization.